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Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe & European Communications

Brief overview of the European market

Keynote: How data driven are operators now?

Richard Benjamins, Chief AI & Data Strategist, Telefónica

Data and AI applications in operators, and how to overcome the challenges to scale.

Supply chain security

Kristof Symons, EVP International Business, Orange Business Services

2020 was a year of transformation for the global supply chain too, which became fragmented along geopolitical fault lines. What are the short and longer term implications for network operators and their customers?

The programmable telco network

Patrik Rokyta, VP Systems Architecture, NetNumber

There are different ways to automate the deployment of network services and network functions in telco networks.  In this session, Patrik will discuss how 5G core networks running on a Kubernetes cluster can be deployed and managed using deployment servers, NFV-MANO facilities and 3GPP management services. The session will elaborate on the use of the Helm packaging framework implemented as a CLI-based solution or integrated in a container-technology-aware NFVO/VNFM or embedded (as an SDK) in a Kubernetes Native Function (KNF).

PANEL: The call of the contact centre: do operators still need them?

John Strand, CEO, Strand Consult
Fredrik Lemming, Sales & Customer Experience Director, Telia
Johan Åhlund, Founder & CEO, JabberBrain 

Calls centres are the most expensive way of dealing with customers, with low satisfaction rates – what are better options? 

Comfort break

The greening of telecoms

Emanuel Kolta, Senior Analyst, GSMA

In Europe, many operators have embraced a climate change agenda, particularly around green energy. Is it more than a PR exercise and are their efforts in the right place? In this session, Emanuel will consider the importance of energy efficiency in telecommunications, the impact of 5G on energy efficiency, how to benchmark energy efficiency around telecommunication networks, the latest innovation around mobile networks, plus a future outlook.

5G gets personal – user experience is revenue

Philippe Morin, Chief Executive Officer, EXFO

The Customer Experience era is over; we’re now entering the Customer Expectation era. 5G brings the promise of anytime, anywhere services, adaptable, personalised for any use case or application, any human or machine. These expectations cannot be met by engineering networks from the inside out; Service providers must now solve for the customer first. Learn how MNOs, enterprises, their partners, and customers can use AI-powered insight to align forces and meet every Customer Expectation.

2021 – the year of 5G in Europe?

Valérie Cussac, EVP, Smart Mobility Services, Orange Business Services

How much has Covid-19 slowed the progress of 5G – in standards, deployment and experimentation? What are the implications for telcos and their business customers?

PANEL: Shaping the workforce for the challenges of 2030

Cecilie Heuch, EVP & Chief People Officer, Telenor
Freneka Mumford, Associate Director, People & Change, KPMG 

What do you need and where do you start?

Wrap up of Day 1

Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe & European Communications

End of Day 1